Reverend Beth McCrary

Where did she grow up?

            Beth grew up in Thomasville, North Carolina which is near Greensboro and Winston Salem. Thomasville is the “Home of the Big Chair” since it is known for Thomasville furniture manufacturing and indeed has a giant chair in the town square.


Where is her home now?

            Beth resides in Weyers Cave with her three dogs; Ginny, Lucy, and Beau.


What are some of Beth's favorite activities outside of church?

            She likes to do yard work, flower gardening, walking her dogs and enjoys relaxing with a good book.


What are some of her other favorite things?

            Beth's favorite color is blue. Her favorite food is North Carolina BBQ. She LOVES chocolate – that's plain chocolate without all of those nuts, raisins or other things added to it.


Nursery Attendant Mrs. Teresa Edsall

 Where did she grow up?

Teresa grew up in Middlebrook, VA.

Where is her home now?

Teresa resides in Staunton with her husband, Mark, and her black poodle, Bailey.  Teresa and Mark have two grown daughters and two grandchildren.

What are some of Teresa's favorite things?

Her favorite colors are royal blue and brown.  She enjoys feasting on tenderloin, gravy and mashed potatoes.  Her favorite activities include scrap booking and reading, especially books by Karen Kingsbury.  Teresa oves caring for all of the children at Augusta Stone and watching them grow up!


Contact Information


28 Old Stone Church Lane

PO Box 118

Fort Defiance, VA  24482

Office phone:  (540) 248-2634


Office Hours:  Mon, Tu, Thus  8:30-2:30;  Wed, Fri  closed.


Secretary Mrs. Shirley Cobb

Where did she grow up?

Shirley grew up in Mt. Sidney and in Augusta Stone Church.  One of Shirley's earliest memories is of her baptism at Augusta Stone when she was 5 years old.

Where is her home now?

Shirley and her husband, Dale, live in Verona.  She and Dale had one of the first weddings held in the sanctuary after the 1968 renovation.  They have two sons, Tommy and Jeffrey.  She has one brother, Jimmy, who lives in Rochester, NY.

What are some of Shirley's favorite things?

One of Shirley's favorite activities is spending time with her grandchildren -- Emma, Stuart, Haileigh, and Addison.  She likes to play cards; these days she mostly plays Old Maid and Crazy 8's!  She also enjoys walking.  Shirley's favorite color is blud.  Foods she is especially fond of are grilled cheese sandwiches and anything made with applies.


Children's Choir Director Kathy Walters

Kathy Walters grew up in Maryland in the small town of Jefferson.  She lived there until coming to the Valley nine years ago.  Kathy is the oldest of three children and has a brother and sister.  Kathy lives in Verona with her husband Bill.  They have been married for 25 years.  She and Bill raised five children together.  Kathy has two children, Jeremy and Elizabeth.  Bill has three children, Jessica, Adrianna and Samuel.

 Kathy is employed by the Augusta County School System and works at Beverley Manor Middle School in the Guidance Office.  Her career includes experience in banking and office management.  Kathy loves to sing and says she had been singing all her life.  In addition to singing, Kathy enjoys kayaking, volleyball, bicycling, anything outdoors, playing the piano and anything else that’s fun.  She plans to cycle in Czechoslovakia, Germany and Austria this summer.

Obviously growing up in Maryland her favorite teams are the Washington Redskins and the Baltimore Orioles, although Bill has converted her to the Green Bay Packers!

Kathy says she loves to eat.  Her favorite food is “food” since she has “never tasted anything she didn’t like”.

Kathy regularly sings in the choir at Augusta Stone and has another interesting connection to the church.  Growing up in Maryland, Kathy’s family and Lois Skeen’s family were neighbors.  One of Kathy’s fondest memories is sled riding on Lois’ family farm.


Music Director Chris Bono

Where did he grow up?

Attleboro, Massachusetts

Where does he live now?

Chris lives in Fishersville with his wife, Cindy, and his daughters, Rebekah and Natalie.  Franklin, the dog, is also part of the family.

What are Chris' favorite activities outside of church?

Chris likes attending movies, dance competitions, and soccer games with Rebekah and Natalie.  He also enjoys composing music, building organs, and eating at the Smoots.

What is Chris' favorite food?

Chris loves Italian food, especially his grandmother's recipes.

What is Chris' favorite sports team?

Chris loves the Boston Red Sox.

Chris likes it here at Augusta Stone because he can indulge in music making the way he likes it!!!!


Director of Hand Bell Choir Mrs. Katy Smith

Get To Know The Staff of Augusta Stone Church!.....

                             Katy Smith

                 Handbell Choir Director


Where did she grow up?

            Katy is a “home town girl”!  She was born in Waynesboro and grew up in Verona.      

 Where is her home now?

            Katy resides in Staunton with her 5-year-old daughter, Lydia.  The famly also has a dog named Sallie (a Boxer, Beagle, and Lab mix!).

 What are some of Katy's favorite things?

            Her favorite color is purple, and her favorite food is pizza or grilled hamburgers.  She enjoys the sport of Geocaching with her famly – an outdoor treasure hunt using a GPS to locate hidden containers – and loves to go camping.


Church Sexton Mrs. Jean Helmick

Where did she grow up?

Jean grew up in Williamsville, VA., a small village in Bath County.  In the early 1960's she moved to Staunton, VA.

Where is her home now?

She currently lives in Verona with her husband, Boyd.  Jean and Boyd have a son/stepson, Cleve, a daughter-in-law, Tina, and a daughter, Sharon.  Cleve and Tina are the parents of Maddie Grace, Jean's only granddaughter.  Jean worked in retail management for many years at Montgomery Ward and Fashion Bug.  She is a member of Augusta Stone and has been sexton for the church since about 2001.

What are some of Jean's favorite things?

Jean enjoys spending time with Maddie, helping others, working in the yard, and keeping things neat and organized.  Her favorite foods are baked potatoes, salads, and popcorn.


Augusta Stone Presbyterian Church Session

In the Presbyterian Church (USA), the Session is the decision-making body of the local congregation. Elders on the Session chair church committees and meet on the fourth Thursday of every month at the church.

Session Moderator – Rev. Beth McCrary

Clerk of Session – Cathy Rubush

Class of 2013
Boyd Helmick
Nora Howell
Mal Livick, Jr.
Louise Randolph

Class of 2014
Lee Combs
Mary McGuffin
Marc Shields
Tom Wilkinson

Class of 2015
Jim Harman
Barbara Howe
Cathy Rubush
Jenny Foley-Zambrotta

Board of Trustees

Faye Bottenfield
Mal Livick